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  1. Hi Paul.
    Here’s the September invitation to the PTG meeting in Gatineau. We typically meet at a restaruant at 5:30 and the meeting, at Dave Renaud’s, starts at 7pm. The restaurant is called Scores and I think its on Mont Bleu. Dave lives on a street called Riel, about a five minute drive from the restaurant. I’ve let him know that you are intersested in dropping by some time. (I won’t be able to make it this month but I’m usually there otherwise.) You can look up dave’s contact info and connect with him directly. He’s very welcoming.

    Next wends , sept 16th is the third wends of the month,
    and we will have a technical PTG meeting.

    Lots to see and do this month.

    Owen and I will have just worked on a new Pin Block for a Steinway L Tuesday and Wend, and
    Plan on beginning stringing. the plate was just refinished and came out beautifully.

    An old Mason And Hamlin 7 foot just arrived. It has a nice bottom end, but bright and harsh top end. I have none nothing to it yet. Wends I wish to see live, hands on , just how much we can get out of a few notes by changing pinning, weight, regulation , and voicing.

    Keep the third Wend of Oct aside for a possible meeting at our new Steinway dealership in town. Possibly with a tech coming up from Steinway. Details to be announced as soon as those details are public.

    Lots to see and discuss this month, should be a good one.

    Dinner at scores on Mont Bleu at 5pm, meeting at 121 Riel, Gatineau at 7pm.

    See you there

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